Bow Habitat Station


The Bow Habitat Station is a fish hatchery and science center on the Bow River in Calgary, Alberta. Wet Alberta is the signature theater experience, aimed at the center’s primary audience of young school age groups. Two high-energy hosts take viewers on a fun, fast-paced tour of Alberta’s aquatic habitats, showing the links between our own behaviors, the health of the province’s natural ecosystems and fish populations, and restoration efforts that are helping these vital habitats.

The last creatures to be discovered in the film are… us. Our hosts show how our own water practices, in a typical suburban Alberta home, can have a big impact on the creatures and habitats with which we share our water.

“We thoroughly enjoyed having North Shore Productions as part of our design team for the Bow Habitat Station Visitor Centre in Calgary. You gave us a feature film that surpassed our expectations - not only was it well-researched, appropriate to the younger audience, and informative; but it was also beautifully shot, dynamic, wonderfully scored, and entertaining.”

— Janice Mackett, AAA, Architect and Principal, PowerHouse Architecture

Project Details: 

  • Thirty-five minute film featuring six self-contained stories.
  • Fish harmed during the making of this film – 0.
  • Filmed over four seasons throughout Alberta - both topside and underwater.


  • CINE Golden Eagle
  • Communicator Award of Distinction
  • Silver Telly Award