Buck Island Reef National Monument


How do you get locals and visitors to cherish an under-appreciated treasure? Buck Island has one of the best remaining coral reefs in the Caribbean, and gorgeous golden sand beaches that are nesting grounds for three species of turtles, yet its qualities were little-known on nearby St. Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

The National Park Service hired North Shore to create a short film about the Monument on its 50th anniversary. Caribbean Gem highlights the restoration of the island and profiles the beauty and diversity of its coral reefs. The film also shows the remarkable survival and life cycle of the hawksbill turtle, for whom Buck Island is a safe haven.

Editing the blue-water images of Buck Island was a delight through a long, grey Pacific Northwest winter.

 “The movie is being shown on our local PBS station and it is so cool to have folks mention the movie to us . . . residents who never thought about the park before are actually thinking about going for a visit . . . I believe we hit the mark on all our various and diverse goals. Many thanks go to you for your insight, patience, and quiet nerve. The story of Buck Island Reef will live on long after all of us and that was the point after all. The movie is a success thanks to you and your wonderfully talented team of experts.
— Zandy Hillis-Starr,  Chief of Resource Management, Buck Island Reef National Monument

Project Details: 

  • An eleven minute film aired on public television.
  • Typical number of hatchlings in a Buck Island Hawskbill sea turtle's nest: 135.
  • Total number of successful nests each year for Hawksbills on Buck Island: 250.

Awards & Festivals:

  • Bronze Telly Award
  • Communicator Award of Excellence