Oregon judicial department

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The Oregon Judicial Department (OJD) faced a quandary. Jurors arrived for jury service without background knowledge of the court process and their role. Additionally, potential jurors didn't realize how critical jurors are to the constitutional right to a fair trial. Available educational materials were generic and uninspired. To remedy all these issues, OJD tasked North Shore Productions with creating a dynamic educational film that all jurors would watch as part of their orientation in courthouses across the state.

Justice For All succeeded beyond expectations. The film blends dramatic re-enactments of key moments in the trial process with interviews with district attorneys, judges, former jurors and defense attorneys; in doing so Justice grounds the importance of jury service in real-world examples from Oregon. The film also traces the importance of jury service back through American history to the formulation of the Constitution and the American Revolution, showing how this small civic act is a cornerstone of our democracy.

"On behalf of the Oregon Judicial Department, I thank you for the outstanding work your organization did to produce our juror orientation video. This film will be used in all of our state circuit courts; it is an important tool for public outreach and education. The film is a very professional product, and the creativity we hope will be inspiring to all those who view it. 

— Chief Justice Paul J. De Muniz, Oregon Supreme Court

Project Details: 

  • Filmed in eight county courthouses across the state, and in the Oregon Supreme Court
  • Watched by more than 80,000 Oregonians every year.


  • CINE Golden Eagle
  • Communicator Award of Distinction