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North Shore Productions designed and produced the media for the new permanent exhibit at the Oregon Historical Society, Experience Oregon. The new exhibit was created to tell a diverse and inclusive version of Oregon’s history, one that encompasses and highlights the state’s long history of racism, and dispossession of indigenous peoples.

North Shore worked closely with both the exhibit designers and client team to define strong media components during the design phase. Production highlights included filming around the state with a three-camera array to capture the ultra-wide imagery needed for the exhibit’s signature introductory theater and its 125-degree screen. The film introduces the major themes of the exhibit and some of the extraordinary characters in Oregon’s history through an immersive hybrid of stunning panoramas and compelling historical imagery.

Experience Oregon was designed by The Design Minds, and built by 1220 Exhibits.


“I found North Shore Productions to be professional, thorough, attentive to detail, and immediately responsive when things came up. And they were, quite frankly, a lot of fun to work with. They are innovative, both in design and in generating participation by essential stakeholders. And they are equally adept at handling diverse personalities. Their skill at encouraging participation was effective for gathering user-generated content. They employ a style of communication that encourages new and seasoned participants to engage in the process.

As I worked with North Shore Productions, I valued the shared vision of creating media for an exhibit that was highly collaborative and inclusive of multiple perspectives/voices. All the voices were woven together to create media that supported the overall exhibit to better reflect the makeup of our community.”

— Helen Louise, Museum Director, Oregon Historical Society

Project Details: 

  • One ultra-wide signature film that welcomes visitors to the exhibit.

  • Eight short archival documentaries that explore the state’s constitution and the signing of treaties.

  • Large-screen montage that highlights the state’s more recent history through the exceptional image collection of the Society.

  • Fifteen audio narratives.

  • Short film on the rebirth of one of Oregon’s indigenous languages.

  • Our subcontractor team at Upswell created map exploration interactives, interactive stations that allow visitors to explore pertinent issues across Oregon’s history, and a digital ‘Memory Blanket’ interactive, which allows visitors to create their own personally-curated digital memento of the exhibit.


  • Telly Award (Intro Theater)

  • Official Selection, American Indian Film Festival 2019 (Chinuk Wawa)